Hello online researchers and potential CameraMall customers! Let me tell you a little about myself. I love to create. In addition to photography, I make jewelry and I love to refinish furniture. I’ve been managing camera stores for seven years. I started shooting in college and became completely fascinated with the art of storytelling through one still image. With a love for customer service and a history in management I knew a camera store was the perfect path for me. I grew up on the Oregon Coast and lived in Portland, OR for ten years. I’ve been in the Midwest since 2018, and I’m so happy to have found CameraMall. It’s an amazing group of people to work with and all of our customers are equally wonderful. My favorite part of the job is organizing events and making sure people are having fun. I have experience shooting portraits, product photography, weddings and jewelry, but my favorite subject is macro. Check out some of my favorite images!


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