Hello All! Thank you for taking time to come learn about us! My name is Emma and I am the store manager of CameraMall. You could say my whole life has revolved around cameras. My love for photography stems from my earliest memories with my family. My grandpa’s love for photography was passed to my Mother, who passed it on to me.
When I was three I was using a little point and shoot camera, then when I was six my parents gave me my first real camera, it was then when my passion for photography began to grow. We would compete to get the best shots at the Zoo, family vacations and family events. I photographed my first paid wedding at the age of 10 and I continue to photograph small weddings, engagements, anniversaries and my all time favorite, Pets! 
Currently, my husband and I love to play games, cook, spend time with our fur babies and travel whenever we get the chance. When we do get a chance to go somewhere you can guarantee that both of us are documenting our time together whether it be on film or digitally, storing those memories in a photograph to look back on in the years to come.


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