A little about me, I love to photograph animals, wildlife and nature. I did my first paid wedding gig when I was 10-yrs-old and I have been shooting weddings ever since. Besides capturing memories I love to cook and experiment with different foods and spices. I hike, rock climb, splunk, kayak, camp and travel. This year I'm going to India. Fun fact - I have 17 animals! Which I love to photograph as well. My love for photography stems from some of my earliest memories with my family. My grandpa’s love for it was passed to my Mother who passed it on to me. When I was three I was using a little point and shoot camera, then when I was six my parents gave me my first real camera, it was then when my love and passion for photography began to grow. We would compete to get the best shots at the Zoo, family vacations and family events. Since then it has been my goal to capture memorable moments that can be forever frozen in time.


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