Jeffrey Freer is an artist that's been creating and performing for the past 15 years. He went to a performing arts high school named Arts Academy In The Woods and started playing in the Detroit music scene at the age of 17 ( He then moved to New York City at the age of 25 where he went to film and edit video ( and perform frequently in the performance art & comedy scene. Jeff has appeared on an episode of The Jack and Triumph Show on Adult Swim and an episode of The Real HouseWives Of New York. While living there he worked at Tekserve, Mikey's Hook-Up, and Adorama. Adorama is the second largest camera shop in Manhattan. He worked in the Pro Video department and helped with productions for Adorama TV. Jeff moved back to Michigan in 2017 and is currently playing in the Rock and Roll band, ZZVAVA ( and performs in the performance art show out of Ypsilanti, The Time To Die Show. Since being back he has directed, shot, and edited a music video for Fred Thomas that was released on Polyvinyl Records. He's been working for CameraMall since May of 2017. Jeff is frequently performing in the Metro Detroit Area and is also always snapping photos and shooting video!


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