Join our 2023 Model list!
All shapes, genders & ages over 18-yrs-old are welcome! We are looking for people who need headshots, portfolio images, couples and maternity photos!
Help us by posing during a class and get the images free!
We have various photo shoots throughout the year that we need models for.
Typically we hold a 1-2 hour class where we instruct on creating fabulous images and then our attendees try it out. This is a collaborative experience and a great opportunity to meet local photographers and get awesome photos for free! 
We are planning several studio events as well as a bar photoshoot over the summer. This is going to be fun!
We have a limited need for models, depending on how many events we have in 2023. We typically only host 1-3 models per event. We cannot accept every person that applies due to this.
If you are interested or have questions about being a CameraMall model, email