Light Restoration Estimate - $10 Each

- Minor Color Correction

- Minor Dust Removal

- Minor repairs, like creases or telephone wires, outside of major areas (major areas include hands, face, and heavy detail)

- Minor Miscellaneous Requests


Medium Restoration Estimate - $49 Each

-Restore major area, hands, face, or heavy detail &/or colorize a B&W non-group image.

-Add or remove one person from an intact group photo &/or change the background.


Heavy Restoration Estimate - $79 Each

-Restore up to three major areas (hands, face, heavy detail) and colorize a black & white non-group photo.

-Add or remove up to three people from a group photo.


Heavy Group Restoration Estimate- $99 Each

-Restore more than three major areas &/or colorize a group B&W photo.

-Add or remove more than three people in a group photo.