Tape Transfer

$10 of transfer services are non-refundable for time and setup for attempted services. There is no additional cost for DVDs or flash-drives these are complimentary with the transfer service. Due to size & speed requirements we do not accept customer's flash drive or DVDs to facilitate these provided services.

VHS • VHS-C • DVD • Mini DV

Transfer Type Cost Copy Cost

 Tape to DVD



Tape to Flash Drive


*Listed Below

DVD to Flash Drive


* Listed Below


Flash Drive Transfer & Tape Transfer Flash Drive Copies

Flash Drive Sizes Tape to Flash Drive Copy Sizes Cost Per Flash Drive Copy
 32gb 1-6 Tapes $10
64gb 7-12 Tapes $20
128gb 13-24 Tapes $40


8mm/HI8 Movie Film

- We use a professional frame by frame flicker-free, HD capture movie scanner, which yields substantially better quality than real-time transfer.

- There is a $25 setup fee per reel that is non-refundable.

- Please note that transfer cannot contain copyrighted material without copyright release.

 Reel Size Setup Fee Price Per Reel
3" Reel $25 (First Reel Only) $12.50
5" Reel
$25 (First Reel Only)
$25 (First Reel Only)