We offer a wide variety of printing options from standard 4x6 prints to fine art printing, canvas wraps, metallic prints and more. It's easy to order -- click here -- and upload the photos you want to print, choose the sizes and quantity of each photo, crop to the desired position and submit for printing! 

Pricing for our most popular printing items are listed below, but please, visit our Photo Lab Website to see all the creative options available to you for making your images come to life!

We have custom sizes available for regular photo printing and canvas prints. Please contact the shop for consultation and pricing. We can print up to 44" on the short side by whatever length you desire. 

Standard Photo Printing
4x6 Print $0.39
5x7 Print $1.99
8x10 Print $3.99
8x12 Print $4.99
10x12 Print $9.99
11x11 Print $13.49
11x14 Print $14.99
11x17 Print $15.99
12x18 Print $17.99
16x20 Print $24.99
16x24 Print $28.99
18x24 Print $28.99
20x24 Print $29.99
20x30 Print $34.99
24x36 Print $49.99

Canvas Wrap Printing 1.25" Bars (1.75" available for $30)
8x10 Canvas Wrap $29.99
10x10 Canvas Wrap $29.99
11x14 Canvas Wrap $39.99
12x18 Canvas Wrap $39.99
16x20 Canvas Wrap $49.99
20x24 Canvas Wrap $59.99
20x30 Canvas Wrap $104.99
24x24 Canvas Wrap $69.99
24x30 Canvas Wrap $109.99
24x36 Canvas Wrap $119.99
30x30 Canvas Wrap $129.99
30x40 Canvas Wrap $159.99
36x36 Canvas Wrap $159.99

Metallic Printing
4x6 Metallic Print $0.49
5x7 Metallic Print $2.29
6x6 Metallic Print $2.29
8x8 Metallic Print $4.99
8x10 Metallic Print $4.99
8x12 Metallic Print $6.99
11x14 Metallic Print $15.99
12x18 Metallic Print $18.99