Michigan is a gorgeous state! From the lakes and lighthouses to the grand cliffs and waterfalls. This state has incredible beauty that is even more stunning when captured at night. We love to see the star trails over the dunes, glowing businesses, cities and bridges that light up the sky!

The summer is closing, and it's a perfect time to practice night photography. The days are getting shorter, it's not snowing yet! And if you head north there are plenty of dark sky parks to visit and you may even see the Northern Lights, this time of year! 

Gear Up: We recommend taking a wide angle lens with the widest aperture possible. Get out your 20mm f1.8 and or anything with that wide f-stop! Learn more about night sky photography at our Canon Virtual Class, September 6th at 7PM, and RENT gear, this month our wide angle lenses are 10% off!