Do you offer repair services?

No, we do not offer repair services.

The closest factory authorized repair facility is Midwest Camera Repair located in Wyandotte, MI. Their phone number is 734-285-2220.

You are more than welcome to bring your camera in before contacting the manufacturer or a repair facility. We’re happy to take a look at your camera equipment and help to troubleshoot or rule out any potential problems with settings.

If you decide not to get your camera gear fixed, we are happy to help you in finding replacement equipment. We carry both new and used cameras, lenses, and flashes.


Do you purchase used equipment or take trade-ins?

Absolutely! We buy and sell gently used, one owner, photographic gear every day. We're interested in collectible or current lenses and interchangeable lens cameras in clean and working condition. 

We do not typically purchase tripods, studio lighting, projectors, or any merchandise that is broken and in need of repair. 

For more information on our used equipment buying and selling policies, click here.


Do you develop film?

Yes, we develop 35mm C-41 color film and disposable cameras! We are not currently able to process black & white, 120, E-6, APS, 110, or any other film formats. For more information on our film development service, click here.


Do you sell gift cards?

You bet we do! Gift cards are available for purchase over the phone or in-store. Our gift cards do not carry an expiration date, cannot be returned, and are not redeemable for cash.